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You have touched our lives

as much as we have
touched yours.
Your notes mean the world to us!

- Anita, IBI    

Dear Kyra,
Thank you for your support throughout the process of working with the SSA.  You were always patient with my questions. Your words and tone of voice were always helpful and encouraging.  Thank you.

Mr. Mattox,
Thank you for your kind, informative call earlier this month. The material you shared with Jim and me was very helpful. Also, I appreciate your call back this week with specific directions of how to follow through with MetLife. Your time and communications have been valuable.

Dear Emily,
Thank you for your help throughout the process of Jim’s qualifying for SSD. I cannot imagine handling that myself. You were always kind, patient and informative.  Had I realized the months it would take to accomplish this task, I would have worried less and been less of a bother to you. However, neither you or Kyra ever made me feel like I was bothering you. Thank you.

Hi Matt,
I wanted to send you a note regarding my representation at my social security hearing by Anshea Major. I have a difficult case, and Anshea has been patient and has taken the time with me via phone to better understand the complexity of the case. She was well prepared for the hearing, and represented me to the best of her ability. You are lucky to have this this bright, caring attorney working for your organization. Thanks for your assistance.

I can’t thank you enough for being a huge support during my disability process. You have much patience and empathy. It was a smooth process. I was shocked when we were approved on the first try – it was all you. You should be very successful in life.  You are the best lawyer. Your staff was wonderful too. It saved me from a financial crisis.

Geramya, Caran, Vickie, April, Anita, Burke, & John (and all those who helped in the background!)

You have been my comfort, the light at the end of the tunnel! You gave me hope and with your skills and hard work we were successful! Many blessings to you and your families.

Rodney and I really want to thank you for all your help and your expertise in correcting the issues with our dealing with Social Security. You dove right in and corrected the problem and truly explained the whole process and the way you explained it and had sincere understanding with all our frustration and our tears. Your way of understanding is truly appreciated! We want you to know your knowledge is amazing! God Bless You! I hope your organization recognizes you and awards you 100%.

Hello Debbie,
We spoke yesterday. I had some questions about Social Security forms, and I just wanted to thank you. There was just something about your voice and the conversation that we had, that I just felt at peace with this whole situation. I didn’t even want to even go this route to begin with because I was raised “you take care of yourself,” and when it got denied, it starts making you feel like you are doing something wrong. You are just really a gift, and I just want to thank you. Thank you for being there!

To “the team,”
I am absolutely amazed that this happened so quickly! Second try 6/18/2018 – approved 8/30/2018! Thank you so much for your help – it changed my life forever!

I want you and your staff to know that I am very thankful for all your help. This is not what I had planned for my life. My life has completely changed. Thank you for our help.

To Whom it May Concern:

I wanted to write in to express my appreciation for Jared Grossinger, the attorney handling my recent disability claim.  I was very grateful for his professionalism and the success we had in winning the case.  After three previous attempts, either applying or with appeals, I wasn’t very confident that the fourth attempt would be successful.

Working with Jared was great.  It was the first time working with someone requesting my medical records where I didn’t have to fax something, mail documents or make phone calls to medical providers.  This saved me a lot of time and hassle.  Jared also reviewed quite a long and complex medical history and was familiar with key details.  Whenever I brought up a specific point about my medical history, he was already familiar with the details, which impressed me.

Jared also went through my convoluted work history and sought out the best way to approach that regarding my case.  He asked lots of questions and I appreciate the attention to detail he brought to his work.  He was also great with follow-up emails and phone calls and I really didn’t have to do or think about anything except sign a form he sent me.  He truly made it easy for me.

I was fully prepped on the phone before my hearing and I sincerely appreciate that.  Jared took special care in preparing my brief (and I believe he did more than one brief) to give to the judge, anticipating any questions that would come up ahead of time.  His thorough preparation made the hearing a breeze and I was so relieved to have such good representation.

Thank you, Jared, and everyone at IBI involved in my case.  This is a victory for me and my family members that have been supporting me for the past three years, and we are truly grateful for all your help.

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